Penguin Shape Sorting Activity - Penguin Themed Shapes

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Complete Bundle of over 60 pages of Penguin Activities, Puzzles, Games & Crafts.

Along with 11 different Penguin Shape Posters, you will get Tracing and coloring Shapes of Penguins, 11 Clip Cards, 11 Cut & Paste Matching Sets, DIY Penguin Cutouts & 11 Posters for your bulletin boards, this Cut & Paste Shapes Activity will help students identify and distinguish various basic shapes.

5 Activities Included:

>> Cut & Paste of all Shapes' Reindeers

>> Trace and Color

>> Clip Cards

>> Posters

>> Shape Crafts (Make your own Reindeers)

How to do?

Activity 1

The cut outs which are to be cut are given in the bottom half of the second sheet. Give the cut outs and the first half of the sheet to the students. [Laminate the sheet to improve its durability.]

Students will have to match and paste each Penguin to its corresponding figure to complete the figure. [In case the sheet is laminated you can use velcro dots].

The name of every shape is also written in capitals below it.

Activity 2

Trace the shapes - improves fine motor skills & finger movements

Color the shapes as given - improves reading & fine motor skills

Activity 3

Cut out the individual Clip Cards

Lamination is optional

Ask kids to identify the Shape of the Penguin shown on the card and Clip the right Shape

Activity 4

Use the Posters to hand around on the Activity Boards or make & give it away as a booklet.

Activity 5

Using the color & B&W cutouts, make your own Shape Penguins.

Shapes included are:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Oval
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Trapezium
  • Star
  • Heart
  • Diamond / Rhombus
  • Circle
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You'll get 10 Cut & Paste Matching Sets,11 different Penguin Shape Posters, Tracing and coloring Shape Penguins, 11 Clip Cards and 11 Ready to Print and Go Templates

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74 pages

Penguin Shape Sorting Activity - Penguin Themed Shapes

0 ratings
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