Egg Number Puzzle

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What’s this activity about?

This a number egg puzzle activity and an interesting way of learning numbers.

In this activity the 2 parts of an egg will be given to the kid. The top part of the shell will have the number written on it. And another part of the same will have same number of objects in the bottom part of the shell. So, both these parts of all the eggs from the printable given, should be cut and jumbled and given to the kids.

Now kids are required to match the same top part of the egg shell to its bottom part of the egg shell.

Note: The unique way of this printable is the egg in this printable is (which also serve as the hint for the kids) is the top and bottom parts of egg shells have a unique shape to match other. So, a top part of the egg will have only one matching bottom part which will also have the same number of the objects as would be written on the top part of the shell.

What this printable consists of?

There are 5 pages, each containing 2 number eggs.

Page 1 – Number Egg of 1 & Number Egg of 2

Page 2 – Number Egg of 3& Number Egg of 4

Page 3 – Number Egg of 5 & Number Egg of 6

Page 4 – Number Egg of 7 & Number Egg of 8

Page 5 – Number Egg of 9 & Number Egg of 10

The Page 1 of the printable has a sample in it demonstrating how to cut the shape of the egg.

Now you are required cut all the eggs on the borders of their shells as demonstrated. And then cut each egg in half along the division line (which would be different in every egg).

Now jumble all the pieces together and give them to your kid.

The first task for the kid would be to sort the top halves of the egg puzzles on one side and the bottom halves on other side.

Now just ask the kid to match the respective top and bottom halves of the egg puzzle together.

What you need?

Materials Required:

  • Scissors
  • Folder or a Pouch (later to store these puzzle pieces)

Why should kids do it?

The advantages of this puzzle activity are as follows:

  • Numbers identification/recognition
  • Learn to count
  • Identify and match the shapes of puzzle pieces
  • Develops Analytical and Cognitive skills
  • Also a fun Easter activity for kids

Hope you find this activity useful.

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Egg Number Puzzle

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